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Dare To Dream

oleh: Andrie Wongso

It was told that once in a poor remote village, there was a school having very few students because most of the school-age children had to help their parents to make a living. One day, the only school teacher in the school taught composition to his pupils. Having explained all the rules and guidance, he assigned his students to write an essay. "At home, write an essay about your dreams, about what you want to be in the future.
Tomorrow, you are supposed to read your work in front of the class.."

On the next day, each student, stood in front of the class reading his or her own writing. Most of them wanted to become teachers, farmers, or government officials, etc. The teacher, nodded his head up and down, as the sign of agreement. Then, here came his youngest student to share his dreams to the class.

He was terribly-looked; thin as a needle wearing worn out school uniform. Despite his poor-look, he boldly declared his dreams, "Someday when I grow up, I am going to have a big house up on the hill with beautiful scenery around, surrounded by small cottages for rest places. Among the house, there would be pine trees and the other shady trees. There would be a flower garden with various flowers and colors. There was also an orchard with all the most delicious fruits ever existing which could be plucked by the host and the people around. I will be a successful and happy man together with my big family and guest who go there."

And of course, the whole class burst into laughter as they were listening to the ugly-looked-little-thin boy's dream. "Hey day dreamer, get up from your nap..," said his friends rudely and humiliatingly. They could not stop making fun on him, mocked him with rude words. The teacher then became a little upset. He accused the boy the cause of the boisterous noise. He said, "What you wrote was a fantasy, not dream. You should write like any other students did. Now, you must rewrite your paragraph. Write like your friends!"

"Teacher, this is my real dream. It's not a fantasy, it can be realized," insisted the youngest student.

"Hey son... you are living in a poor village, your family is also a poor one. How can you make all your dreams come true? What a dreamer you are! Now you must write another logical dream," said the teacher impatiently.

"I don't want any other dreams. This is my only dream" said the boy with persistence.

"Please bring a new essay tomorrow. If you don't want to revise your writing, I will give the lowest mark," warned the teacher trying to threat him.

The next morning, the youngest student did not bring any new composition. Although he was threatened and mocked that way before the class, he still insisted on his dreams. Due to his stubbornness to his teacher's assignment, he got the worst mark in class.

Thirty years had passed; the teacher was still a teacher at the school. One day he took his students to have a study tour to a well-known orchard up on a hill in the village nearby. As he and his students stepped their feet on the spacious and beautiful orchard, they were amazed. Besides the orchard, there was a big and beautiful flower garden too surrounded by shady and cool trees around. What astonished them more was the big house standing tall, sturdy and beautifully-designed in the middle of the garden like a palace.

"He who built this palace must be a great man.. How can I just figure this out that there is such a heavenly place around...," said the teacher in amazement. Suddenly he heard a voice, "No, it is not a great man who built this place. It is just a naughty student who dared to have a big dream. Surely, his teacher who educated him is supposed to be greater than him. Let's come inside and have the best tea and fruit from this garden," said the voice warmly.

The teacher was shocked having heard the answer. He was astonished. His mind wondered back to a scene 30 years ago. And slowly he began to recognize who the man standing in front of him now was. Yes, he was that stubborn student, the one who did not want to change his dream and got the worst mark of all in the class. And now he had become a very successful businessman. His eyes were wet. He felt great and relieved and at the same time shameful as he mocked the boy's dream 30 years ago.

Dear readers,

If we want to realize and observer carefully, there are lots of spectacular accomplishments from the past centuries up to the millennium era today. All were born and started by an embryo.

Because of a dream, a plane was created.
Because of a dream, we can enjoy the greatness of a computer.
Because of a dream too, our life quality is increasing
Of course, to consummate all the dreams into reality, we need the other powers. The powers should be cultivated in our inner selves, namely : The Power of bravery, trial, fight, dare to fail and dare to succeed.

Most of the time, the obstacles of someone's success is not due to his/her weakness that he/she has. But more, because they do not have a strong dream that they believe and then fight for full heartedly.

In relation to my own experience, when I got a dream to be a movie star in Hong Kong because I knew that I had the skill of martial arts, good-looking face and athletic body, but on the other hand, I had a poor family background, low education, coolie, inexperience, isn't that all the joke ever in this world?

Look of mockeries and doubts arose every time people heard of my dream. Some friends did not believe in my dream and considered it ass too high to reach. Some worried that my dream would not be consummated. Some paid pity to see me steel-like determination and fight, I made my dream to be a Hong Kong movie star.

Mockeries and doubts from other people to any big dreams were also faced by great people in the world. But these people never stopped by the mockeries and doubts. Because for those who have rich mentality, mockeries and doubts are unpaid vitamins that needed to trigger their struggle in life.

Therefore, if there are several people who mock at and doubt our dream, don't let that worry you. Just one best answer ever, strengthen your determination and spirit, and prove them that we have the right and able to get whatever best for our life.

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